Try Orka: Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple

Launch Mac VMs with a single command.

Access a free demo environment for a two-hour window. Includes a 20-minute step-by-step walkthrough.

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Orka CLI – Bash – 80x10

$ orka vm deploy -v myorkavm -y

What's Orka?

Orka (Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple) is a new virtualization layer for Mac build infrastructure. Orka offers the first and only solution for orchestrating macOS in a cloud environment using Kubernetes on genuine Apple hardware.

What's in the demo?

Follow the step-by-step guide to create a macOS VM on genuine Apple hardware and deploy a Jenkins build pipeline. After, explore the sandbox environment for up to two hours and experience the power of Orka.

Orka CLI screen

Deploy a VM with the Orka CLI

Use orka vm create to create and deploy a VM. You can manually choose which node will provide the required RAM and CPU, or let Orka decide based on availability.

Explore Your Live VM

Deploy your virtual machine then login via VNC. You'll get a full macOS GUI right inside the browser. Explore the VM and launch applications like Safari or Xcode.

VM in Orka demo
Jenkins in Orka demo

Setup Build Automation with Jenkins

A Jenkins master is pre-installed in the demo along with the Orka Jenkins plugin. Set up lightweight Jenkins automation with ephemeral agents to run a sample iOS build.

"Orka is the closest thing you can get to Google Cloud or AWS for macOS." - Mike McQuaid, Homebrew

No time? Getting stuck?

The live Orka demo environment includes a step-by-step walkthrough of how to setup a cluster, an intro to basic Orka CLI commands, and steps for spinning up your first VM. Not ready to jump into the live environment? Check out our Try Orka video! It will guide you through the demo (and can be helpful if you get stuck at any point while using your two-hour Orka sandbox).

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