Transitioning iOS Continuous Integration from On-Premises to Cloud

As teams grow, an early CI pipeline can show signs of strain. Managing on-premises Macs is difficult to scale. Migrating Mac builds to the cloud offers a number of benefits. Learn more about why and how to make the transition in our free white paper.

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Written by

Jeff Vincent
DevOps Advocate, MacStadium

About this white paper

About 8 minutes

Effective continuous integration (CI) is essential to successfully building modern iOS applications. Being able to iterate on application releases quickly and cleanly is central to building and maintaining an active and dedicated user base.

In a high-growth market, successful teams inevitably evolve, and CI solutions need to grow and evolve with them.

What you will learn:

The benefits of a reliable CI pipeline
How to identify when you've outgrown your iOS CI
How virtualization improves environment consistency

What customers are saying about MacStadium

“MacStadium's Orka is the closest thing you can get to Google Cloud or AWS for macOS.”
"Developers don't even know that MacStadium is involved - all they know is that "it just runs."

"We needed a way to get off of on-premise hardware. MacStadium was the standout leader."

Learn the benefits of moving Mac workloads to the cloud.

Download the white paper