DevSecOps for iOS and macOS

DevSecOps is emerging as the industry-standard solution to the very real threat of security breaches in modern applications, including those developed for macOS and iOS. If your team wants to implement a DevSecOps security model for macOS and iOS applications, but you aren’t sure where to start, this eBook is for you.

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Written by

Jeff Vincent
Technical Writer, MacStadium

About this book

About 10 minutes

DevSecOps hinges on the idea that application security is an organization-wide problem that has to be addressed by all interested parties, rather than solely by a security specialist or engineer. This eBook will walk you through the changes your team will likely need to implement to successfully incorporate a DevSecOps security model for your iOS and macOS projects. In particular, we’ll discuss changes to your organization’s cross-team communication SOPs and tangible changes to the software development lifecycle itself.

What you will learn:

What DevSecOps is and how to go about implementing it for your organization
Tangible changes to the macOS and iOS software development lifecycle
Security scanning best practices for iOS

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Learn how to make security an integral part of your existing DevOps practice.

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